Posted on 02/03/2016

How a Bedtime Calculator Can Help You Sleep Better

When people talk about getting good sleep, they usually mean enough uninterrupted hours. But what they don’t know is that the precise times you go […]

Posted on 28/02/2016

Community Update #7: First Units Are Shipping!

  Dear Eight backers, We have great news for you: We will begin delivering the first 50 units this week! The units are already in our office in […]

Posted on 16/02/2016

To Sleep With Someone, Or Not

Sharing a bed with someone is, usually, a pleasurable experience. But what about those who toss and turn, or when someone hogs the covers? There’s […]

Posted on 06/01/2016

Community Update #6: Manufacturing is Starting!

Hi Eight supporters, We have exciting updates to share with you as we get closer to shipping the first units. Hope you enjoy being a […]

Posted on 30/10/2015

Community Update #5: Tooling Has Begun In China!

Hi Eight supporters, We have exciting updates to share with you in our progress to get Eight into your homes. Hope you enjoy being a part of […]

Posted on 25/09/2015

Community Update #4: Testing For Durability

Hi Eight supporters, Over the past weeks we have been working at full speed to finalize key details of the product architecture, and we have also […]

Posted on 30/07/2015

Community Update #3: Beta Testing Eight In The ...

Hi Eight backers, We have spent the last weeks fully focused on product development, and we are excited to share the latest achievements from our team. […]

Posted on 02/06/2015

Community Update 2: The twists a...

It’s been a month since our last update and we are excited to share with you our progress from the past four weeks.   OUR […]