Posted on 19/04/2016

Community Update #9: Shipping Continues

Dear Eight backers, We’ve had some exciting days at Eight lately, with units being used and feedback pouring in from our early backers. Below is […]

Posted on 19/04/2016

Eight’s Referral Program Terms & Conditions

As a Referral member (a “Referrer”), you are subject to Eight’s Privacy Policy (available on our website), as well as the following additional Terms & […]

Posted on 06/04/2016

The Pros & Cons of Sleeping...

There’s a whole industry around “sleepwear”: Nighties, pajamas, sets, robes, even bras supposedly designed to lift while you sleep, all marketed as the best clothes […]

Posted on 21/03/2016

Community Update #8: Eight ‘In The Wild&#...

  Dear Eight backers, We are excited to share a quick update with the latest developments at Eight HQ. EIGHT ‘IN THE WILD’ As we […]

Posted on 21/03/2016

To Plant or Not To Plant In The Bedroom

It’s well documented that having plants around your home or work environment can add to happiness levels. But what about in the bedroom? Turns out […]

Posted on 21/03/2016

Are You A Late Sleeper? You Might Be Smarter Th...

You know the saying: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Problem is, that doesn’t really apply in today’s […]

Posted on 11/03/2016

Your Sleep Guide To Dealing With Daylight Savin...

Get ready to spring forward: daylight savings time is this Sunday, March 13th. The biannual clock re-setting may be antiquated and controversial…but it’s still the […]

Posted on 11/03/2016

8 Sleep Week Tips For Good Zzz&#...

It’s Sleep Awareness Week! Here are 8 new things you can try to make the most out of your hours of sleep.