Posted on 06/12/2016

Does A Bad Mattress Mean Bad Health?

By Alexandra Zatarain Originally posted on The Huffington Post   A good mattress is heavenly. But a bad mattress is a nightmare—literally. Sleeping on an […]

Posted on 06/12/2016

Why Smart Mattresses Are The Future Of Sleep

By Alexandra Zatarain Originally posted on The Huffington Post   As anyone with even just an iPhone knows, having smart technology around just makes life […]

Posted on 01/12/2016

Your Old Mattress Is Ruining You...

When you buy a mattress, you have it for a long time—even if not forever, it certainly feels like it. A great one lasts for several […]

Posted on 22/11/2016

Introducing the Eight Smart Mattress

  1.8+ million hours of sleep data tracked 40,000+ nights of sleep tracked per week 1 smart mattress We know sleep. We’ve been tracking it […]

Posted on 21/11/2016

Eight IFTTT Channel is here

Today we are launching our IFTTT channel. A new app version is available for download. Download on iOS and Android so you can connect to […]

Posted on 20/11/2016

Sales and discounts terms and limitations

*Discount codes are available until offer expiration date, and applies to the product as described in the offier (any purchase or just the Sleep Tracker […]

Posted on 19/11/2016

Community Update #15: Our progress

Dear backers, We have very exciting news to share with you. 7,500 pre-order units have now been manufactured, all of you who have updated their […]

Posted on 02/11/2016

Community Update #14: New App Fe...

Dear Eight backers, We are excited to share a new update, with details on shipping timeline and new app features. CONFIRM CURRENT ADDRESS. If you have […]