Posted 16/08/2016

Community Update #12: Shipping continues!

Dear Eight backers,

We have a lot of news to share this month. Before diving in, we want to reiterate our appreciation for your patience and coming along with us in this journey. We couldn’t be here without you!

We continue to ship new units every week. So far, we have shipped 600 units! A new batch of units is shipping out to customers next week. Even though we still have many units to fulfill, we are very pleased with the pace of our manufacturing and how things are moving ahead. We continue to be focused on the quality of the hardware to avoid any failures. So far, we haven’t seen any major hardware failures, which is great news 🙂

When your unit is ready to ship, we will reach out to request your updated address. You can also change your cover size at this time. If you haven’t heard from us yet—don’t worry. Your Eight will ship soon! We are waiting to confirm your unit is ready to ship once it leaves China to avoid any misinformation or false expectation. Please keep in mind that we sold 2,500 units in the first two days of our campaign (January 27 and 28th, 2015) and have 7,000 total orders to fulfill!

We invite you to share pictures and your experience so far in the comments section of our Indiegogo campaign so other backers can read it.

We are planning to release our IFTTT channel in a couple of weeks.These are the events that we are including in the first implementation:
– One user gets in bed
– Both users get in bed
– One user gets out of bed
– Both users get out of bed

These events will allow you to do things such as: “Turn off living room lights when both users get in the bed”, or “Turn down the temperature on Nest when at least one user gets in bed”. We can’t wait to see all the awesome integrations that our community will come up with!

We have also received requests for an Amazon Echo integration. We are working on this as well as other custom integrations with products like Nest and will update you as soon as they are available.

We are finalizing the documentation and interface of our open API. This API will give developers the ability to receive sleep metrics and control the device – just like our app does. The release of this API is planned for the end of September. Backers who purchased the Developer pack will be the first to receive access to all the documentation.

We have invested a lot of engineering time to build the product as a reliable and sustainable platform. We want to share with you how we will be maintaining and updating the product on the software side:
– In the case of our product, firmware updates mean releasing new versions of the software controlling the hardware device.
– Firmware updates to Eight are released ‘over the air’. There is no need to do anything manually, like connect the product to a computer.
– We expect to release firmware updates and app updates every 2 to 3 weeks.
– Your unit will continue working while going through an update. Over the past few months, we have successfully released 8 firmware updates without any glitches.

The setup of our firmware and back end is crucial for growing the product feature set, and to continue serving our customers overtime.



Interested in being a part of research and testing Eight? Click here to sign up. You might be selected to attend an in-person session at our office, or a remote session.

The Eight team continues to work hard to bring every unit to our backers’ homes. We continue to strive for quality above all, and we are learning every day from the users that provide feedback and take part in our testing and research activities. We appreciate your support through this time.

Thank you!
The Eight Team

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us [email protected].