Posted 13/07/2016

Community Update #11: Shipping New Units

Dear Eight backers,

We have a lot of news to share this month. Before diving in, we want to reiterate our appreciation for your patience and coming along with us in this journey. We couldn’t be here without you!


Last week we submitted the app to the Apple App store and Google Play. This is a huge step for the team as it’s the first time we made our app publicly available. Until now, all users who have an Eight received a private link to download the application.

From now on, we expect to update the app frequently (every two or three weeks) as we continue to improve it and release new features.

You can find our app for iOS here and for Android here. Please note that if you don’t have an Eight you won’t be able to go far into the app, since it requires pairing the device.


Do you have a Windows phone and pre-ordered Eight? We need to hear from you! Please fill out this survey.


Last month, we shared the news about the redesign of our sensor strip (pictured below). Our engineering team had to change the sensor structure to decrease the noise transference between the signals on the left and right side of the bed.


Two weeks ago, we received the first units with the new sensor. We shipped them out to beta testers and have been examining the quality of the raw data, which so far has been good – there is fewer noise transference between the sides of the bed.

We have now finalized all testing of the new sensor strip, and have resumed manufacturing. A new batch of units will ship out of our factory on Tuesday. This is a very exciting accomplishment for the team, and we are glad to share the news with you.

As mentioned in our previous emails, we have sold over 7,000 units in pre-orders and we are now scaling manufacturing to fulfill all the pre-orders as soon as reasonably possible. Product quality continues to be our main priority as we scale our process.

Here are a few pictures from our factory, where the units are being assembled, tested and packed!

Manufacturing and packaging


In the past weeks, over 40 backers have visited our office in New York. They participated in our usability test and user research, which allows us to gather feedback to improve our in-app experience. Plus, they got a chance to see the product in person and test run our app! We appreciate the time they spent and insights they have shared with us, which has helped us significantly improve the product.

Interested in being a part of research and testing Eight? Click here to sign up. You might be selected to attend a session in-person at our office, or a remote session.

We continue to work day and night to make this product better and better, and appreciate your continued patience and ongoing support. We never forget for a second that without you, we wouldn’t be doing what we are today. Taking a product from crowdfunding to production is a tough challenge, but having the support of great backers makes a world of difference. Thank you!

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us [email protected].