Posted 19/04/2016

Community Update #9: Shipping Continues

Dear Eight backers,

We’ve had some exciting days at Eight lately, with units being used and feedback pouring in from our early backers. Below is an update with the latest news.


As more of our early backers have received their Eight, we continue to see pictures of the product ‘in the wild’. Below are some more images shared by our customers:



Over the past weeks, we have gathered a great amount of data from our first users and began seeing sleep patterns across the group. Here’s what we have learned so far:




Over the past weeks we have continued gathering feedback from our first users and have made critical improvements to our mobile app experience. Below is a list of what we have fixed in the past two weeks:

  • Reducing battery consumption of Eight app. In the very first release of the Eight app, we got a lot of feedback from users on the percentage of battery the app was using when open or in the background. In the latest release of the app, we optimized the number of background activities that the app executes and also fixed minor CPU issues. The new release of the Eight app now uses much less battery and is on par with iOS battery consumption standards.
  • Improved navigation of the app. We re-designed the navigation of the app to improve usability. This change also allows us to expand our feature set in the future. We now use a bottom tab bar to make it easier to view information or take core actions within the app.


  • White noise. This is a new feature we rolled out to our first users. With this feature you will be able to play 40 different nature and ambient sounds to help cancel out unwanted noise or outside disturbances at night. This features brings us closer to our goal: helping our users fall asleep more easily.


As we mentioned in previous updates, our iOS and Android apps have already been approved by their corresponding app stores. We will be publishing them over the next weeks, once we finalize iteration on the features that have been recently added to the application (see points above). Until then, backers receiving their Eight will be downloading the app from a private link.


If you purchased a Lockitron through our campaign, you will be contacted by the Lockitron team to confirm your shipping address and select a color finish for your lock. Lockitron will be shipping the product directly to you.


Our manufacturing is moving along in China. We want to share with you a few images of our team in the production line:


We have received in the U.S. the second batch of 100 units. These units are being shipped this week to a new group of backers.

This number of units is still far from fulfilling the 7,000 that we have sold in pre-orders so far, but as we mentioned in our previous updates our manufacturing is ramping up progressively to ensure the highest quality. In May we expect to start shipping a thousand units and get in full power with manufacturing, allowing us to grow the number to several thousand units every month after then. As we have shared with you previously, with the current timeline we expect to finish fulfilling all 7,000 units by the end of July.

As soon as your unit is ready to ship we will reach out to you individually via email to confirm your order information and shipping details.

The team continues to work really hard so that you get your Eight ASAP. We appreciate your patience so far and the enthusiasm that you share with us for our product. We can’t wait to hear your feedback to continue growing this product’s experience together.

Thanks as always,

The Eight Team