Posted 21/03/2016

To Plant or Not To Plant In The Bedroom

It’s well documented that having plants around your home or work environment can add to happiness levels. But what about in the bedroom? Turns out there’s a bit of a debate on the pros and cons.

Sure, they add beauty, and can spruce up the design of your room. But another bonus is oxygen. Plants emit oxygen when they breathe and act as natural air purifiers, cleaning it of chemical toxins for a more pure indoor environment boosted by oxygen-rich, clean air. This is especially helpful for rooms that don’t get a lot of ventilation, like small city apartment bedrooms.

But, on the flip side, plants do a reverse photosynthesis at night and actually emit carbon dioxide (negligible amounts), which many people find off-putting. Arguments that we evolved to sleep among plants tend to counter this; science also shows that their nightly carbon dioxide emissions are minimal, and you’re still getting more oxygen.

Some followers of Feng Shui say plants aren’t good for the bedroom because they represent growth and vibrancy—the opposite of the calm, restful nature of a bedroom. They suggest placing a small plant far from the bed, if you really want one. On the other hand, if you have a workspace in your bedroom, or an area of creative objects—a bookshelf, or even a clothes rack or walk-in closet, if you’re one who likes outfit inspirations—they can help inspire; whether you’re looking for new outfit or a new way of thinking.

In short, there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s up to you. Plant lovers can benefit from the spot of brightness, and the purified air; and those who’d rather keep them elsewhere don’t need to feel like they’re missing out.


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