Posted 21/03/2016

Community Update #8: Eight ‘In The Wild’!


Dear Eight backers,

We are excited to share a quick update with the latest developments at Eight HQ.


As we shared with you in our previous update, we have started shipping to the first people in the U.S. We have now shipped the first 50 units! Below are some images shared by our customers:





The majority of our backers have not received their Eight yet – we have almost 7,000 backers by now! Ramping up our manufacturing has to start progressively to ensure the highest quality in our hardware. But once we achieve the desired yield, it accelerates quickly. The main reason for this progression is to test and check the quality of each batch before moving to the next one, in order to avoid building thousands of units which might then have failures and need to be replaced.

We are currently building the next 100 units which already incorporate some of the learning we got from the first 50 units. We appreciate your patience as you wait for your unit, and will keep you updated every step of the way.



The Eight app has been approved by the Apple App Store! For now, the people that receive their Eight are receiving a link to a private download (our beta publishing service). This private link gives you access to download and use the app as you would normally.

Keeping the app in the private beta publishing service allows us to iterate faster during these first weeks, improving it day to day and getting it ready for the higher volume of users we expect in the upcoming months. If we were using an app published on the Apple Store, we would need the approval from Apple before releasing every update which would slow down the product improvement process.

We will be publishing the app as soon as we have completed a broader series of bug fixes that have risen since our first customers began using the product – you can read about them in the next section of this update.

The first final version of the Android app has also been completed, and it will be published at the same time with the iOS version. We are currently testing it in the first few devices.

This is a really exciting milestone for the team. We will notify you as soon as the app is published so you can check it out and give us feedback!



We have already collected feedback from the first users, which has translated into bugs and improvements to the Eight app. Below is a list of what we have fixed in just two weeks:

– Updated Smart Alarm implementation: There was one issue with the implementation of the alarm that we had been trying to solve for a while: using the alarm required to keep the app open. With the latest update of the app we have solved this problem.

– Updated Invite User flow: These are the steps in the app to invite your partner to share your Eight. We have updated it to be quicker and seamless by allowing the invited user to skip all the setup and pairing steps.

– Updated Scheduled Warming settings: The new update in this feature will make the scheduled warming more reliable.

– Added ‘Put Eight in pairing mode’: As the name of the feature says, this allows the user to put the Eight in pairing mode in case that you need to switch Wi-Fi networks or re-connect the device if you have moved to a new house. It’s an easy way to access the pairing process anytime.


We are working really hard so that you get your Eight ASAP. We know that you’re going to love it, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback about it.

Thanks for your support always.

The Eight Team




We have compiled below a few frequently asked questions.

I need to change my shipping address, how do I do it? You don’t need to worry about this right now. We will make sure we confirm your address with you right before your Eight ships out from our fulfillment center.

I need to change the size I ordered, how do I do it? You don’t need to worry about this right now. We will make sure we confirm your order details with you, including product size, right before your Eight ships out from our fulfillment center. You will have time to adjust your size if needed.

How can I know when my Eight will arrive? At the moment we don’t have exact delivery dates. Once your Eight arrives at our fulfillment center in the U.S. and a tracking number is generated, you will be notified and receive the tracking number.