Posted 28/02/2016

Community Update #7: First Units Are Shipping!


Dear Eight backers,

We have great news for you: We will begin delivering the first 50 units this week! The units are already in our office in NYC, and going out via Fedex!

This is the result of extraordinary effort from our team, as well as our manufacturing partners and suppliers. And of course, it wouldn’t be possible without your ongoing support from Day 1. We are grateful for everyone’s commitment to Eight and the patience and words of encouragement we have received from you along the way.

We know we have been a little quiet for the past weeks, but everyone in the Eight team has been between China and the U.S. working day and night, to start shipping the first units. We are extremely excited for this major achievement but at the same time we know that scaling production and fulfilling all the pre-orders will require some time and so we have to keep working very hard.




We have finalized the firmware update feature that will allow us to release future software updates remotely, which is extremely important for our product’s experience to continue improving overtime. The iOS app has been submitted to the Apple App store and we are waiting for Apple’s approval. The Android app will be published at the same time of the iOS one. We will send you an update as soon as they have been published.


Our campaign sales exceeded our expectations, with almost 7,000 people purchasing Eight. This volume gave us the opportunity to work with some of the best manufacturers in China but also put a strain in the timeline to receiving the materials and supplies. Our Director of Manufacturing and Quality Assurance Manager are based in China, and are 100% focused on our manufacturing.

While the first 50 units will be delivered next week, ramping up production to fulfill so many orders will require some time. We have already planned with our manufacturers to increase gradually the number of units manufactured each month: a couple hundred units will be built in March, several hundred in April and then thousands per month in each of the following months. Because of this manufacturing schedule, it will take from now to July to fulfill all the 7,000 pre-orders.

Unfortunately it is not possible to ramp up all the manufacturing at once because of production yield. Production yield is the percentage of manufactured units that pass our quality assurance testing. Every time we increase the amount of units we make, new potential production issues show up and we have to adjust the process to fix those issues one by one. If we didn’t follow this process we would risk delivering a product that is below the quality standards that you guys expect from us.


We will be fulfilling the units in the order in which they were purchased (first-to-order, first-to-deliver). For quality assurance reasons, shipments to international backers will start after the first 1000 units have been delivered in the U.S.

All the units will be shipping by ocean from China to our fulfillment center in the U.S., which can take 4 to 6 weeks. This time will start after the units have been manufactured and placed in containers in Shenzhen.

Once your Eight arrives at our fulfillment center in the U.S. and a tracking number is generated, you will be notified and receive the tracking number.

We have heard from many of you requesting a more concrete delivery date of your purchase. Unfortunately because of the above reasons – primarily the risks associated with production yield and ocean shipment – it is impossible to forecast and provide a defined delivery date. We will continue to update you as each batch of units ship from China to the US and, obviously, as soon as your tracking number has been generated!


Now that we the first units will be out and we will start collecting daily user feedback on the product experience, we will release software updates very frequently and we will start sending you updates all the times a new batch and feature has been released. Your feedbacks will be key to continue improving the product and build a great community around sleep and its science.

We understand that even if we were able to ship the first units now, it will still take some months to fulfill all the orders. We appreciate the support and patience you continue to show us as you wait for your Eight to finally arrive in your home. We are giving it all to deliver a product you will love and we are also confident that the process we are following will ensure a great product, and an easier fulfillment. Hopefully you will go through this journey with us until its end and we will celebrate together once you are sleeping on Eight.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

The Eight Team



We have compiled below a few frequently asked questions.

I need to change my shipping address, how do I do it? You don’t need to worry about this right now. We will make sure we confirm your address with you right before your Eight ships out from our fulfillment center.

I need to change the size I ordered, how do I do it? You don’t need to worry about this right now. We will make sure we confirm your order details with you, including product size, right before your Eight ships out from our fulfillment center. You will have time to adjust your size if needed.

I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation email in January, what should I do? The shipping confirmation email was only sent to backers who purchased between January 27 and March 26, 2015. If you are in that group and have not seen our email, don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything about this now. We will make sure your address is confirmed before it ships, even if that means calling you at home!

When will the app be available for download? The Eight app will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play by mid-March. The very first backers to receive Eight will receive special instructions for accessing the app from a private link.

When will we get access to the API if we purchased the developer kit? Our API documentation will be ready by the end of March. If you purchased our Developer Kit we will notify you on accessing the documentation.

I purchased a Lockitron, when will it ship? We are currently setting up for the shipment of your Lockitron purchase, as they will be shipped directly by Lockitron. They expect to deliver all of them by the end of March.